This practice is committed to preventative care and we encourage you to request your preferred doctor for consultations.
We may issue you a reminder notice from time to time offering you preventative health services appropriate to your care.
If you do not wish to be part of this system please notify the clinic.

Doctors at this practice do not take routine phone calls or read emails whilst consulting. They will, however, be dealt with at the end of their sessions in a timely manner. Electronic communisation includes email, facsimile, and Short Message Service (SMS). We are unable to enter electronic communication with patients unless consent has been obtained. Consent must be from the person the information is regarding. As our email service is not encrypted, we are unable to send information via email. Where a patient sends an email giving consent to reply to the email, being fully informed the information is not encrypted, we will reply to the email received with the information requested.

Please be aware it’s your responsibility if a doctor requests a pathology and/or radiology test or refers you to a specialist or
another health professional to ensure this is carried out.  It is also your responsibility to contact your doctor for results or to arrange a follow up appointment.

This is a teaching practice so from time to time we have visiting medical students.  Your receptionist and doctor will ask for your consent to allow the student to observe the consultation before you enter the consulting room.
We fully respect your right to privacy.  If you do not wish to have the student present during your consultation, please let us know.

The practice may invite patients to complete a questionnaire on their views of the practice and how it could be improved.  These surveys are completely confidential.
If you are unhappy with any aspect of the care you receive, we are keen to know about it, and you should feel free to speak to your doctor or receptionist about any of these issues.
We believe issues are best dealt with in the practice, however, if you feel there is a problem you wish to take up outside, you may prefer to contact the Health Complaints Commission 1800 001 170